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    Are you interested in therapy but don’t want to have to tell another person that not all video games are grand theft auto, not all cartoons are for kids, and Dungeons and Dragons is a social hobby? It can be frustrating thinking you found the right therapist only to learn they hold some pretty big misconceptions of pop culture. Especially when pop culture is such a major part of many of our lives.

    I am a certified Geek Therapist, which means I sought out training in how to integrate a person's interests in therapy.There are lessons to be learned from the stories and media we engage with. Connect to a certain character? Let’s dive into why. Obsessed with a troupe like ‘found family?’ There’s a reason. 

    It is easier to engage in therapy when you feel heard and understood and a fast way to that is to have a therapist that speaks your language. I’ve worked with many clients that have felt unheard by the people in their lives. I create a safe, validating space for clients to feel truly heard and understood. To start your therapy journey contact me to schedule your free consultation.

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Take a moment to think of just flexibility, love, and trust."

Steven Universe

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