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About Me

Hi, I’m Cassidy Russell: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, but more specifically I am a huge nerd. 

I used to think those two things didn’t really go together. That a professional couldn’t also be into pop culture. When I first started my traineeships, I did the best I could to look like a classic ‘adult.’ That all changed when I started working at a middle school providing therapy services to students with IEPs. The kids were shocked that I knew what things like Undertale, Wattpad, and Bronies were. Plus, there’s the fact that I didn’t judge them for their fandoms, no matter how strange their interests seemed to the other adults around them.

That’s when I realized being a nerd could be a strength. I started researching how to bring pop culture into sessions. I took the SuperHero Therapy training course by Dr. Janina Scarlett. Read materials like “Mortal Combat; Why the War on Violent Video Games is Wrong.” Learned from other clinicians who were all realizing the same thing, therapy is compatible with pop culture.

Since then I have started my own path to combine my knowledge of psychology with pop culture. I created the platform Therapy for Nerds, a YouTube channel and podcast that takes a look at why we are drawn to certain aspects of pop culture. Check it out if you love the intersection of mental health and fandoms.

The stories we seek out are powerful and provide insights into what we are dealing with in our own lives. I have found patterns like my clients who adore the ‘found family’ trope feel the most isolated. My clients with trauma saw hope through a character's redemption arch. We see ourselves in the characters we resonate with.

What does your favorite show/book/character say about you? Let’s find out together. Utilize my free consultation call at (818) 208-3821. If I don’t answer, leave a message and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Please note all my nerdy opinions are my own.

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